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Victor - Master Ace Shuttlecock -

Victor - Master Ace Shuttlecock


Victor is the official Sponsor of the Korean National Team.

The Victor Master ACE is the top of the line best Goose Feather birds from Victor. Built for durability, consistency and speed, the Victor Master ACE is an extremely well designed shuttle for high level play.Vigorously tested, the Master Ace is made to last through any play style. 

These shuttlecocks are BWF approved for International Tournament Play and will suit any players needs. Moreover, this is the official shuttlecock used at the Korea Open Badminton Tournament. One of the best shuttlecocks available on the market.

Feather Material: Goose feather 
Head Material: Full cork(softwood)
Feature: Flight A

Durability: Excellent

Design Features
• For international tournaments

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