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About Skylar Sun Sports Shop

The Skylar Sun Sport.,LLC is found by TAN who is loving badminton sport and like to promote this sports to the other peoples. At the same time to provide quality, performance and economical cost supplies to the peoples can enjoy these sports. First I like to thank for my best friend Bobby who bring me into this badminton world. Both of us have a same ambition try to promote peoples to join within this sport. During that time we have a difficulty to find a constant supply with reasonable cost of shuttle cock and we have been trying many different then finally we found the right shuttlecock. Most important I like to thank for my lovely wife and cuties son who will be given all their support to let me work on my badminton dream. Also, I need to thank all my friends who are using this product and continuous buy from us.

Skylar Sun Sports Online Store is providing source of sports with freedom, relaxing one stop shop service.

"Like Badminton, Live Badminton and Play Badminton"

Thanks for YOUHE, YONEX, Ashaway, Aeroplane and USANA to let me be their Authorized Dealer/Distributor.

YOUHE: Official USA Exclusive Distributor

Ashaway: Distributor

Authorized Dealer: YONEX, Aeroplane and USANA