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Das ist nur ein Platzhalterbild.Concave

The concaved modelled frame stretches the active side length of the racket and enlarges the sweetspot up to 8%.

Das ist nur ein Platzhalterbild.Convex

The concaved modelled frame increases the stability and guarantees extraordinary impact comfort and impact control.

Das ist nur ein Platzhalterbild.Cube

The cube modelled frame increases the torsional stiffness and the ball control.

Das ist nur ein Platzhalterbild.Aero

The aero modelled frame effects an extraordinary aerodynamic and an extreme fast game.


The shaft flexibility is decisive for the expedition of the racket head and mostly depends on the technique of the player. Generally there are three kinds of shaft flexibility: stiff, middle and flex. In Addition there are intermediate form like midstiff or midflex. The advanced players can choose in between stiff and flex. The less experienced players should use a flex shaft.


In general rackets are distinguished in three different balance points: top-heavy, grip-heavy and balanced. A racket forms a balanced balance point, if it is in equation and the racket weight is evenly spread. If a racket has an high balance point- the rackets top is feeling heavy- we call it an grip-heavy balance point



Disadvantage: harder to handle


The balanced racket is a compromise between power and handling


Advantages: easy to handle

Disadvantage: less power