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Ashaway NEW Strings 64 TX & 68 TX News Update

Ashaway Develops Textured Surface Coating for Line of ZyMax® Badminton Strings

"New textured coating an evolution of ZyMax technology tostiffen feel, add control"
64TX & 68TX Cut Section

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings has developed a proprietary textured surface coating for their ZyMax® line of badminton strings. New coated strings will be dubbed "ZyMax TX," and like their ZyMax Firesiblings, will utilize Ashaway's proprietary BETA polymer fibers andbe constructed using the company's special ZyWeaVe™ string core technology. The textured surface coating on the new strings will provide astiffer feel and add a measure of control.

ZyMax badminton string benefits include: sensational elasticity and dynamic stiffness for maximum shuttle speed and explosive repulsion; optimum power and durability, including incredible knot and loop strength; and exceptional tension holding ability for consistent, reliable performance.ZyMaxstrings are the only ones on the market to use Ashaway's BETA polymer, which provides a 25% improvement in dynamic stiffness, and in knot and sheer strength over most popular badminton strings.

Ashaway's trademarked ZyWeaVe technology generates a string core that is stronger and holds tension better than traditional badminton strings. This allows for thinner, more playable strings that perform consistently at higher tensions throughout the life of the string.

Initially, two Ashaway string models with the new coating will be introduced, ZyMax 68 TX and ZyMax 64 TX, at 0.68 and 0.64 mm (21 and 22 gauge) respectively. They will be available in white, orange and optic yellow, and in both sets and reels.

ZyMax 64TXZyMax 64TX ReelZyMax 68TXZyMax 68TX Reel

"We continue to evolve our ZyMax string technology based on player feedback and new technical developments," said Steve Crandall, Ashaway Vice President. "Our new ZyMax TX strings with the textured coating will allow players even more choice in selecting the best string for their particular style of play."

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